I have been training with Alesha for about 8 months and when I began training I had no idea what I was doing. I remember telling Alesha "I just want a booty"... She quickly educated me and made me realise that this whole journey was much more than just getting a booty. I was introduced … Continue reading Samantha – 20 years old


Samantha – 20 years old

I have been training with Alesha for the past 6months now and time has flown by so quickly! When I first started training I wanted to build up my confidence in the gym as well as mentally getting on track to join the Police Force. My main goals to begin with were toning up my … Continue reading Helena, age 18 – fitness, strength

Helena, age 18 – fitness, strength

Alesha is the only one I trust with my training and fitness. She's driven and motivated, and in turn, drives and motivates you towards your goals! She pushes you, but is always positive and encouraging and supportive. I have achieved more in my training with her than I ever thought possible. But the best thing … Continue reading Ashleigh, age 25 – fitness, strength

Ashleigh, age 25 – fitness, strength

Alesha is the best PT! Before I started with her, I was only ever running and never touched weights. Now I'm doing something different each day and constantly improving my strength. Alesha is so good at challenging me and motivating me. Working with Alesha has helped me get stronger, faster and I'm actually having fun … Continue reading Meg – wedding confidence, postural, powerlifting

Meg – wedding confidence, postural, powerlifting

My Chiro noticed a big difference in my posture as soon as she saw me today and was happy with the fact I'm now using the muscles I should be using and not overactivating the ones I shouldn't!! This is after only one month with Alesha! Highly recommend her especially if you have restricted movement … Continue reading Carole – postural alignment, pain-free strength

Carole – postural alignment, pain-free strength

Training with Alesha has totally changed my whole gym experience for the better! Knowing the right technique is the key to actually seeing results and that's what she's taught me so well. I never knew weights training would be so much fun until actually reaching your deadlift goal and seeing how after a few weeks … Continue reading Mikayla, age 16 – semi formal confidence, strength

Mikayla, age 16 – semi formal confidence, strength