Maggie, 38

Why did you originally start training with Alesha?
I wanted to improve my strength, bulid muscle mass and learn something new. I wanted to see if I can gain confidence in main bodybuilding lifts.

What was your training like then compared to now? (and any other markers of health like sleep, food, self talk, confidence)
I used to participate in classes and train mostly body weight exercises. I wasn’t eating enough, and I was feeling hungry all the time. Instead of building muscle I was constantly loosing weight and feeling very tired.

I was also aware that knowlage as a personal trainer about strength and conditioning training was close to zero, witch made me feel uncomfortable around clients wanting to train in this filed.

What have you achieved – PBs, weight loss goals, body confidence, healthy relationship with food?
I have achieved over 10kg of muscle mass – I started training with Alesha at a very small 53kg. I have learnt a huge amount of information about strength and conditioning training. I have grown my confidence and my personal training business. I have discovered how to listen to my body in terms of eating and training smart. I have gain great PB that I would never dream of. And I also discovered that there is so much more behind this kind of training than just getting stronger.  It’s a game changer for your goals at the gym and also outside of the gym. I have learnt so much about my body and mind training with Alesha that my physical achievements stopped being number 1 priority.
I have become physically and mentally stronger by lifting heavy weights, but the latter one is much more important than the first one.


Would you recommend this program to someone in the future?
I would recommend this kind of trying to everyone. It’s a great way to reach goals, what ever they are. Alesha is a fantastic coach, with great knowledge and compassion. She will tailor the program for everyone and consider all the outside factors. Strength and Conditioning training under Alesha’s eye is challenging, rewarding and achievable way to get where you want to be or even further..


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