Testimonial – Meg, 27


Why did you originally start training with Alesha at Building Elite?
I originally started training with Alesha because I was two months away from getting married and wanted to look good.

What was your training like then compared to now? (and any other markers of health like sleep, food, self talk, confidence).
I used to only do cardio before I started training with Alesha. Now I’m doing a wider variety of exercises to improve my strength. My training with Alesha has really helped improve my confidence in my workouts. Being physically (and mentally) stronger has helped so much with all areas of my life. My posture is a lot better, and I no longer get tension headaches. Doing strength training has also improved my long distance running, and I am able to run further and faster with no pain. She’s really helped me challenge myself and overcome my self doubts by pushing me to be the best version of me. I feel so much more prepared to take on new challenges now, and I couldn’t have done it without Alesha. I am about to run a marathon, and am planning of competing in a novice powerlifting competition. Two things I never would have had the guts to do if I wasn’t trained by Alesha.

What have you achieved – PBs, weight loss goals, body confidence, healthy relationship with food?
Deadlift 77.5kg
Bench Press 42.5kg
Squat 70kg
I would never have thought those PBs would be possible before I started training with Alesha. I’m a lot more confident in my skin, and I no longer put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way.  I have gone from just wanting to look skinny to actually giving my body credit for what it can do. For the first time in years I actually feel proud of my body, and I’ve realised that it is so much more enjoyable to be strong, happy and healthy than it is to restrict yourself.

Would you recommend this program to someone in the future?
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to challenge themselves and improve their lives.  Anyone who lacking direction and drive, or just looking for some variety would benefit so much from this program.


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