Is this thing on?

After much deliberation (roughly 2.5years, to be exact), Building Elite has a blog!!

Just like our coaching, education and everyday lifestyle, you will find quality information and research, authentic thoughts, genuine client stories and some hard truths about training.

I, Alesha, the author of all of these letters and founder of Building Elite, have been in the industry for long enough to know there is an awful lot of bull** going around which perpetuates low self-esteem, unsatisfactory performance (from an athlete’s perspective), feelings of inadequancy and eating disorders among young women. By elevating one element back into the spectrum of ‘normal’ (whatever that really means) and allowing the person to give themselves the permission to be who they want, they stand a little taller, achieve a little more, but mainly feel fulfilled.

And where contentment/fulfillment cross into training, we will be there. With the resources to make you strong, aerobically fit, anaerobically challenged, agile and mobile.

So.. please, hang around. We have lots to share!

In the meantime, check out our instagram (@buildingelite_coaching) & Facebook page (



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